Effective 9/7/20 the CLTgivePPE grassroots movement will have concluded. This website will remain operational until the end of this year.

gratitude to our community


We would like to extend the warmest and heartfelt gratitude to our entire community that helped us answer the call for help from those in need of PPE during the first wave of the COVID-19 crisis.


As we reflect back on the last 6 months of #cltgiveppe volunteer work, we are blown away by the massive support and ingenuity that was demonstrated by all of you. What started as a front porch PPE collection endeavor with a group of 7 women quickly became a large scale movement that grew into something we could never have imagined.


It became a critical resource for those in need of PPE during a time of crisis with far reaching arms not only within Charlotte, but through several different communities within the country. What we saw happening was nothing short of awe-inspiring; instead of fear and seclusion, we saw the community pull together in a multitude of creative ways to help one another. We saw our fellow neighbors love one another and work together to help protect those who were protecting us. Together our community and city helped so many people and it is our honor to have witnessed this kindness first-hand.

our mission

Our mission was to help fill the initial gap and quickly galvanize PPE resources while waiting for more permanent systems to be set into place to take over. We have enjoyed the opportunity to serve our community and fellow front line workers for the last 6 months.


While we will now be closing down our active CLTgivePPE group volunteer efforts, we will be keeping the content on the website up and available through the end of 2020 in case the resources we have compiled can be of additional benefit to others who visit the site.

together, we made a difference

In closing, we want to say, THANK YOU!


Thank you for supporting this movement and our beloved Queen City during a very challenging time and for showing up for one another. Together we ALL made a difference in someone’s life and we truly believe we will look back at this time as a time that we stood together and faced uncertainty with love in our heart and grit in our soul to make it through this pandemic together.


We are forever grateful for this experience and look forward to a brighter and healthier Charlotte. 

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