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To address the massive shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the Charlotte healthcare system by acquiring and distributing PPE as needed for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. 



CLTgivePPE is a 100% volunteer based Charlotte grassroots movement that was created by Dr. Sheila Natarajan along with other local doctors and community advocates to address the massive shortage of PPE in our local clinics, healthcare systems and across North Carolina during this COVID-19 crisis.

This movement has organized a city-wide PPE donation drive in collaboration with Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont and Lowe's Home Improvement to support our local front line healthcare personnel on behalf of our local hospital systems, independent medical clinics, and the county health department. CLTgivePPE has gained the attention of county and state representatives as well as the media -- but we need your help to make this a success!


In addition to our local PPE drive we are raising money for all PPE needs of our local healthcare community to include items such as: surgical face masks, surgical gowns, hand sanitizer, disinfectants, N95s, KN95s and reusable respirator masks to name a few. Once this is accomplished, any and all additional funds will continue to be used to procure necessary PPE for as long as it is needed to get through this crisis.


Charlotte’s healthcare personnel are in desperate need of personal protection equipment (PPE) during this current COVID-19 crisis. We, along with the rest of the nation, are in a massive N95 mask shortage already requiring severe N95 mask restriction, rationing and reusing. Due to this shortage, we are in unprecedented times where our healthcare providers are unable to provide basic standard of care protection policy. This puts the entire healthcare system and their patients at significant risk.
While N95s are now being reserved for only high risk procedures like intubations, the only available alternative for our healthcare workers are regular surgical masks which carry no protection for aerosolized water droplets of novel coronavirus. We believe every patient-facing provider and personnel require a more sustainable and protective option than this if they are to sustain themselves on the front lines through this current and worsening COVID-19 crisis.

Our healthcare workers are proud to serve their community and their patients, but they will be called upon to sacrifice more than we can even imagine in the ensuing weeks ahead. It is important that we band together as a community to support our healthcare teams at the front lines. If they go down, we all go down.

Please, join us at #CLTgivePPE to give whatever you can to protect a life. Time is running out. We can do this if we work together! 

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